Entertainment is my thing. Let’s just get it out there. I love everything that has to do with entertaintment. Be it movies, games, television, music, books. I don’t really care as long as it is good. I started writing about movies ten years ago. This has blossomed into a fairly substantial amateur career. I frequented several film festivals here in Europe with a press badge and got to see a lot of cool movies before the public did. Nowadays everybody writes, so it has become harder to get yourself out there.

For years I now have had my own website at http://www.quinsreviews.com. Don’t let the URL fool you, it is in dutch. I write my opinions there, but it became more of a chore than a pleasure. I decided recently that this website will soon dissipate with a new website www.boxofficenl.net rising up from its ashes. This will not be a site where I write my opinions, but just facts and figures about the dutch boxoffice scene and release schedule. This means less work for me and more time to write about other things than just movies.

That’s where Movies, Games and More comes in. As I said I do more than just watch movies. I game a lot, I watch way too much television, I listen to music and every now and then I read a book. Lots to talk about. Here on Movies, Games and More I will post game impressions, movie reviews and other posts about anything I deem worthy of a blogpost.

I hope you can appreciate what I am doing, if not, then go elsewhere, please.